Custom-designed corporate headquarters and offices. Our team of construction, architecture, and design professionals will work directly with your business to create the best space for you and your team.

We handle the operations and maintenance of your corporate offices.

CREA will be there to support you along the way, from the selection of your space to general office operations. All you have to do is visualize it and we will make it a reality. CREA is at your service.

Privileged locations

Select your space

We guarantee privileged work spaces through allied construction companies and business partners. Our locations cover aesthetic and functional aspects to make your workplace a comfortable and memorable experience.

At CREA you will have your workspace fully equipped with all the services you need, spacious and optimized for functional work. Ready to occupy immediately in any of our centers.

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Fit spaces

Custom designed solutions and design

We have interior designers dedicated to designing functional spaces and experiences according to your ideas. With high-quality furniture, decoration and lighting to compose enabled spaces where harmony and professionalism coexist, adapting to the needs of each work team and established budget.

We focus our experience on offering solutions tailored to your needs. With our custom-made offices (Fit Office) we comprehensively cover the requirements of your work team regardless of the size of your team.

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Integral management

Operation and service

A team of qualified professionals in administration, service and assistance; make up each work cell supplied by CREA in each of our locations.

We make sure that our clients remain focused on growing their business without distractions such as: services, maintenance, security, surveillance, communications, cleaning, etc.

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More CREA Advantages

Direct contact

Personalized customer service for you and your team to make you feel at home.

Corporate image

Boutique buildings to give your company the most professional image.

Bilingual service

​Executive attention from our bilingual staff: English and Spanish​.

CREA comunity

Cowork with other members of the CREA community and monthly events.

Internet connection 24/7

High speed internet and WiFi, always connected and secure.

CREA Platform

Take full control of your office, your expenses and bookings from our web platform.

Flexible plans

Flexibility in plans and costs according to your needs.

Excelent locations

Strategic locations with excellent access roads for you and your clients.

Manage consumptions

Prepaid service to control your consumption through CREA Wallet.

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Our team of qualified administrators, operations, and customer service specialists are a fundamental piece in CREA's work in each of our locations.

With the support of our operations & services team, we can be certain that our clients stay focused on their professional tasks without workspace distractions such as utilities, maintenance, security, surveillance, communications, cleaning, etc.

Furthermore, a specialized concierge oversees the reception desk, customer service, and mail delivery.


We guarantee exclusive work space locations through our developer and business partners. We offer locations that are aesthetically appealing and functional so that your workspace is a comfortable and outstanding experience.

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Our talent and experience are focused on offering customized solutions for our clients' every need. Fit Office fulfills all requests that a high-performing team could have when operating in Mexico City, no matter the number of employees. Fully-equipped work spaces, exclusive locations, and highly-trained support and administrative personnel are all part of the options that we offer.


Our interior designers are dedicated to designing functional spaces and experiences. High-quality furniture, decoration, and lighting are perfectly arranged in an a fully- equipped space so that harmony and professionalism co-exist. Moreover, we adapt to the needs of every team and budget.


Stop worrying about operations and utilities in your office.
No initial investment or activation fees

Conoce todas las posibilidades
Podemos ayudarte a crear tu
centro de trabajo ideal en la Ciudad de México
en zonas de alta demanda comercial
Paisaje Polanco
Espacio que proyectan la excelencia de tu negocio
Espacios que
proyectan la excelencia
de tu negocio
Imagen Corporativa
Calidad y calidez para ti y tu negocio
Calidad y calidez que garatizan tu comodiad
Calidad en nuestros servicios
Traducción bilingüe

Receive support in English and Spanish

Atención personalizada

Trained personnel in high-quality customer service


We take care of operations and maintenance

Mesa de Trabajo 1-20

Tax & business address

Mesa de Trabajo 4-20

Smart card access

Mesa de Trabajo 7-20

Personalized phone line

Mesa de Trabajo 10-20

Frequent maintenance and cleaning

Mesa de Trabajo 2-20

High-speed Internet

Mesa de Trabajo 24/7

Year-round office access

Mesa de Trabajo 8-20

Printing & copy center

Mesa de Trabajo 11-20

Common areas & lunchroom

Mesa de Trabajo 3-20

On-site parking

Mesa de Trabajo 6-1-20

24/7 surveillance & security

Mesa de Trabajo 9-20

Unlimited coffee & hot drinks

Mesa de Trabajo 13-20

Networking & business community