We are a Mexican company formed by two entrepreneurial brothers, who seek to meet the new needs of clients in workspaces. We believe that when you are undertaking, the only thing you have to do is:
your art: dedicate yourself to the things you do best.

Our History

We founded Crea Working Spaces in 2013 and we work to continue growing hand in hand with our team, as well as suppliers, clients and anyone with whom we have relationships.

We realized that it was very difficult to find an office where you don't have to invest and commit for the long term. We exist to help people improve their business and dedicate themselves to what they like to grow, and that, in CREA they find everything else.

We decided to create a space where we provide facilities and tools so that people and companies can grow their business, dedicate themselves to their own business.

Our Team

We have a great team of people who are passionate about serving people.

We work so that our clients are more productive with their resources and time, so that companies are successful and thus have a growing society.

We want them to enjoy their work, which is why we created a Wellness space, Podcast, Zen Room and we all work the days to make your experience better.


Our Mission

We drive personal productivity and growth, offering a unique and personalized service by creating ideal workspaces for the benefit of the entire CREA family.


Quality of Life
We strive to have a positive impact on all of those around us.
We are grateful for all of those who help us to improve each and every day.
We persevere in all that we do to achieve our goals.
We demonstrate transparency in all of our processes and interactions with those who are part of CREA.
We love what we do.
We make ethics a fundamental part of every decision we take.
We work to build loyalty and commitment within the CREA family
We acknowledge that our actions are the result of our values

Need personalized attention?

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