Fit Office Service

We offer a service that provides an appropriately sized office, based on your needs.

Our team consists of construction, architecture, and design experts that will be within the reach of your company to devise the best suitable space for you all. CREA will have your back every step of the way, from choosing the ideal space to the day to day operations of your office. It’s as simple as having you express your thoughts regarding your needs so we can me them a reality. Our entire team’s experience is at your disposal.

Our architectural team will make suggestions along the entire process to maximize resource and space use.

Fit office service | CREA WS

Direct access to our brokers, construction firms, and commercial associates.

Fit office service | CREA WS

You will be given a usable space, both in design and services. Count on CREA’s support for the management of your new office.

Fit office service | CREA WS

The furniture CREA proposes is of utmost quality, always adjusted to your budget.

Fit office service | CREA WS

The space design is entirely based on the client’s needs.

Reasons to choose CREA


We offer our clients prices in national currency.


We include services such as phone, internet, call answering and activation costs. We do not charge extra for anything you are not aware of.


We do not require guarantor or guarantee. We offer flexible contracts, pay only one month of deposit in guarantee.

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