About us


¿Who are we?

We are a Mexican company formed by entrepreneurs who seek to attend the new needs of our clients, therefore, we offer office spaces that do not require investing, to commit just in long term and helping them to be more productive, so they can focus on their work.

¿What do we do?

We offer workspaces with different characteristics focused on what each client needs, every space includes all the facilities to operate: furniture, assistant, internet, and so on.


We were in need of a workspace once and realized that renting a space in a commercial area for new businesses, a work group or international companies became a challenge. With deadlines, costs to adapt and invest in something that will not generate profits or wasted space. We work so that our clients can be more productive with their resources and time, so that the companies are successful and thus they form a successful society.

Reasons to choose CREA


We offer our clients prices in national currency.

Services included, whitout surprises

We include services such as phone, internet, call answering and activation costs. We do not charge extra for anything you are not aware of.

Accessible contract

We do not require guarantor or guarantee. We offer flexible contracts, pay only one month of deposit in guarantee.

We offer you

Included services